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With over 500 businesses and 30,000 happy customers, Socialgiver is Thailand’s most active movement for socially conscious lifestyle and travel. We’ve pioneered a brand new way for you to explore the best of what Thailand has to offer, relax at beautiful resorts with breathtaking views, and enjoy healthy and delicious meals from all regions - while supporting social and environmental projects that are making a profound difference in thousands of lives.

How it works:


Businesses join our 'Giving Ecosystem'

Hotels, restaurants, and experiences become our ‘Giving Partners’ by pledging to donate 50% of their revenue to support meaningful causes with Socialgiver. Every purchase makes a HUGE difference.


We promote these wonderful experiences to socially conscious travellers. You!

Socialgiver helps find more customers for Thailand’s leading brands that are also committed to making the world a better place. We believe in helping responsible businesses become even more successful.


Capture beauty beyond photographs

Your next holiday automatically helps fund grassroot projects that have been curated by Socialgiver to ensure transparency and ability to create meaningful social and environmental impact, leaving behind a positive footprint.

Every lifestyle choice you make with Socialgiver can help uplift the lives of others

Experiences, lifestyle, and travel deals


Support highly effective local projects

The heart of what we do at Socialgiver aligns with supporting health encompassing physical wellness and mental wellness, education that extends beyond the classroom, environmental challenges ranging from wildlife protection to reforestation projects with local villagers to preserving trees that sometimes have been around much longer than we have. Our brand embraces the way people choose to spend their time and experiences with purpose and human connectedness, a deep-rooted responsibility to take action with every lifestyle choice.

“Best Innovation for Impact” - Awarded by ASEAN Impact Challenge

“Revolutionizing Fundraising” - World Economic Forum

“Top 10 Thai Startups” - Bangkok Post

425,989Lives Impacted
And counting

You can give back. Without paying more.

We’re a group of local creators and travellers who dream of a better way to live and share in a way that creates more harmony with nature and others sharing this planet we call home. We’re pioneering new ways to connect and use our spending power to create positive change in the world.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, we’re proud of our culture, heritage and laid back way of life, yet we hope to do better at preserving nature and uplifting the wellbeing of under-privileged locals that have been left furthest behind due to the increasing inequality gap. This has inspired us to create Socialgiver as a small but ambitious social enterprise that hopes to bridge this divide

Every brand sold on Socialgiver has chosen to stand with us to donate at least 50% of the total revenue. This is an unbelievably high amount! Why? Because we think everyone should give the most they can... not the least.

While most businesses join Socialgiver because they want to make a difference, our customers appreciate the gesture and spend more at their business. Because by giving, they’re also receiving more customers and revenue, and helps them thrive as a sustainable business. So our giving partners can continue giving.

Let us be your guide...

Traveling from abroad?

Email us your travel dates, number of guests, which cities you’d like to visit, and our travel gurus will help suggest an amazing plan for you (free of charge); or if you prefer, simply browse our website for ideas.

Email: Travel@Socialgiver.com

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Get the BEST prices

We’ve negotiated big discounts from the best local brands; and we’re the only travel platform that doesn't take any profits... so you get even better prices.

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500+ Brands giving back

Businesses on Socialgiver are those we personally love, and those that we would recommend passionately to our friends. They’re also owned or managed by wonderful people.

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50% of revenue goes to handpicked projects

We help the social sector build new revenue streams to fund the most impactful projects, by breaking the barriers between consumer spending and donations.

The most sustainable, impactful holiday. Ever.

We highly value creating useful and long lasting solutions for travel and living - because we tend to think that through this, we find ourselves, spend quality time with loved ones, and fill our sights and smells with wonder from new discoveries. At the very core of these experiences, we can also share the love further, supporting initiatives that reach far beyond our lives, to better the lives of countless others. We do this because we know it is the right thing to do.

Our community at Socialgiver is paving the way for a socially conscious lifestyle movement. A movement that draws hope in making your travel experiences part in creating a balance with nature, animals, and humans alike

More than 60 local projects supported by shopping on Socialgiver

Socialgiver curates some of the most amazing social and environmental projects from across Thailand and helps them raise funds to support the great work that they do. You can click on the ‘Give’ menu to find out more about each project we’re currently supporting. When you donate to support these projects, 100% of the donations are given to the projects. You can opt in to support Socialgiver by ticking the small box which says you’d like to contribute 10% of the amount to support Socialgiver (and we would really appreciate that!).

Our featured project right now is Big Trees Project. Let us tell you a bit more about it here…

Big Trees Project is a foundation that has been leading the environment conservation movement in Thailand for the past 10 years. With strong values in building a strong cycle of tree care- from nurturing seedlings, training and connecting arborists to care for historical large trees dotted around the country, creating youth engagement activities to build family bonds while growing the love for trees and leading reforestation programs for indigenous trees in different regions of Thailand. The Big Tree team is a small yet effective team that has successfully partnered with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, local community leaders, Thai Arboriculture Association, and many other organizations that continuously believe and take matters in their own hands towards a culture and community of environment conservation.

Our Story So Far

Socialgiver started from a simple idea. We loved to travel, eat out, and enjoy the best experiences that Thailand has to offer - and so did our friends who travelled here. But we honestly felt a little guilty spending so much on ourselves when we knew that there were countless others who could not even afford to fulfill their basic needs. We dreamed that there could be a way to give back while simply living our lives. So we set off to create this community and platform, and found that what we’re doing, at least to the point of businesses giving 50%, was completely unique. Our community continues to grow at an ever increasing pace, and we’ve been featured as one of Asia’s most innovative social enterprises. We still love the work that we do and hope that one day we can grow this community to other countries around the world.

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