Provide a student with one semester of good quality education, Every 1,000 THB you donate will help a student receive a better quality education for an entire semester
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Teach For Thailand is an independent and locally founded charitable organization which has been operating for the last 9 years. We are part of Teach For All, an international network of independent organizations operating in 60 countries under a shared vision that all children would have an opportunity to access an excellent education.
Over the past 9 years, Teach For Thailand has reached more than 64,000 students through 440 fellows, empowered 99 schools and communities across 16 provinces in Thailand. In 2022 alone, more than 250 alumni are working across sectors to collectively impact more than 100,000 students in Thailand.
Teach For Thailand strives to eradicate education inequality by providing good education. Teachers definitely play important role and influence how students look at the education. The main objectives of the “Teach For Thailand Fund” is to support the selection, training and coaching of more than 100 young change-makers who will be teaching Science, Math and English to more than 10,000 students across the country.
Teach For Thailand’s mission is to develop collective leadership to expand educational opportunities for children in Thailand. We do this through the “Fellowship Program” where we recruit high potential candidates from all backgrounds to teach in economically challenged schools for two years. Through two years of teaching and working with key education stakeholders, our Fellows are exposed to the grassroot realities of education system and cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to attain positions of leadership in and beyond education, working collectively to build a vibrant movement for educational equity across Thailand.
Our selection and training methods are high in standard to ensure that every student will receive only high-quality lessons from our fellows. Out of 1,505 people who registered, only 65 participants had made it to the end of the selection process and joined our 8 week intensive training program. All of them will be evaluated again and some who do not meet the qualification will not be placed in schools. However, the learning process of fellows will not simply end with the training program. The Training and Support team will organize more activities, such as regular coaching and training sessions, together with Teach For Thailand’s network throughout their 2-year journey to help every fellow continuously improve themselves, deepen their understanding of the root causes of educational issues, and encourage them to create long-lasting impacts on schools and communities. In the end, Teach For Thailand believes that this valuable experience will not only inspire but also benefit fellows upon their entry to instigate changes to Thai education in other sectors of society.
Your Impact
Our hope is to reach a total of 16,800 students by the end of this year but with the current funding gap of 5 million THB, we will be short of our target by 2,500 students and our hope can only be a dream.
But YOU can help make our dream a reality. Every 1,000 baht you donate will help a student receive a better quality education for an entire semester.
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