Arborists Trainning for Big Trees Conservation, Every 2,767 baht will support an Arborist training program that protects big trees in Thailand
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About the Arboriculture Training Session
The Big Trees project in collaboration with the faculty of architecture, Thammasat University, is an initiative program that aims to helps people understand conserve the natural beauty of urban Bangkok. Using knowledge from expert Arborists, the program aims to educate people living in Bangkok to become part of creating green city. Presently, Bangkok has about 3 million trees around the city but there is only 180 uncertified arborists taken care of Bangkok's trees.
How does the project address the issue?
Pollution is a pivotal issue in Thailand, especially in Bangkok which there are many issues that are harmful to people such as stress, health issues and etc. The main suggestion from the Big trees project is to protect Bangkok by conserving the trees that we currently have and instigate new progress towards planting more trees in the city. The benefits are countless since one big tree can help reduce pollution in the atmosphere, decrease dust particle levels, and even produce O2 back into the atmosphere. Hence, Big trees project, in collaboration with Thammasat University, has launched an Arborist training program to improve awareness surrounding the overall benefits of this program and to attract people who love trees to take action in the protection of Bangkok’s green spaces. Additionally, another central goal of the program is to facilitate the creation of advanced arborists training program so that members of the community can look after Bangkok’s trees.
How will your donation create impact?
Every 2,767 baht donated supports training programs for arborists that will individually care and be responsible for 240 tress / person/ year.
The proactive strategy of conserving Bangkok's green spaces in an urban city from Big Trees Project in a sustainable way for funding the programs. By ensuring the quality of their expert, the Big Trees Project regularly holds seminars with more than 30 attendees coming to every session in Bangkok and raw surrounding towns. Each session directly uses the money donated by the donor and simultaneously utilizes funding provide by various project fundraising events.
The total cost per session is 76,000 THB that use for hiring 10 arborist experts for 6 days consecutive days of training. Each attendee is given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and knowledge about proper professional standard tree conservation and trimming methods. The sharing of this knowledge by attendees is highly encouraged in order to improve the benefits of Thailand’s natural landscape and improve society as a whole.
As our fundraising efforts are still underway, we will continue to offer live updates on our app and website about the progress of the Big Trees Project. Stay tuned for more!
With the support of Thammasart University, the training session attracted a fairly large gathering of interested people; giving them the chance to engage with the experts and learn more about tree conservation and practical trimming skills.
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