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Support meaningful local projects

Every time you book through Socialgiver, you will help support nature conservation and protect green spaces throughout Thailand with Big Trees Foundation and other projects without paying more.

Our mission is to make your holiday even more special by donating half of whatever you spend to fund registered charities to creating lasting impact throughout Thailand.

You can make an impact. Without paying more.

The Meaningful Travel campaign is a collaboration between Socialgiver, a social enterprise registered in Thailand that operates on a non-profit basis, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Stockholm Office. Socialgiver’s impact partner in this project is Big Trees Foundation - a registered charity with a track record of over ten years in operations. In 2023, Meaningful Travel has grown to become one of the key mandate as the Future of Travel for Thailand. We are growing to cover more socially impactful initiatives - we could not have done it without you!

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Our Story. Our Philosophy.

At Socialgiver, we are creators and travellers who dream of a better way to live and travel in harmony with nature and others sharing this planet we call home. Socialgiver is pioneering new ways to connect and use our spending power to create positive change in the world, and every business selling on Socialgiver has chosen to stand with us. Choosing us means choosing to support businesses that values giving back to building a better future for all.

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Travel with Respect and Responsibility.

The most sustainable thing you can do is to not travel anywhere. Achieving sustainability within the travel industry is quite a mission to embark on indeed. We know this and yet we still dream of making your holiday as positively impactful as possible. We take giving back seriously and have been donating 100% of profits every year to charities region wide since our establishment.

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Email us your travel dates, number of guests, cities that you would like to visit, and our travel gurus will help suggest an amazing and meaningful plan for you. EMAIL: travel@socialver.com

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We’ve negotiated big discounts from the best local brands; and we’re the only travel platform that doesn't take any profits... so you get even better prices.

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500+ Brands giving back

Businesses on Socialgiver are those we personally love, and those that we would recommend passionately to our friends. They’re also owned or managed by wonderful people.

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50% of revenue goes to handpicked projects

We help the social sector build new revenue streams to fund the most impactful projects, by breaking the barriers between consumer spending and donations.

How Socialgiver works

Businesses join our 'Giving Ecosystem'

Hotels, restaurants, and experiences become our ‘Giving Partners’ by pledging to donate at least 50% of their revenue to support meaningful causes with Socialgiver. Every purchase makes a HUGE difference.

We promote these wonderful experiences to socially conscious travellers - You!

Socialgiver connect conscious consumers with Thailand’s leading brands that are also committed to making the world a better place. We believe in helping responsible businesses become even more successful.

Capture beauty beyond photographs

Your next holiday automatically helps fund grassroot projects that have been curated by Socialgiver to ensure transparency and has the ability to effectively create meaningful social and environmental impact - leaving behind a positive footprint.


60+ local projects supported by shopping on Socialgiver.

Socialgiver curates some of the most amazing social and environmental projects from across Thailand and helps them raise funds to support the great work that they do. When you donate to support these projects, 100% of the donations are given to the projects.

Meaningful Travel highlights the importance of environmental conservation with collaboration of Big Trees Foundation leading this movement for the past 10 years in Thailand. With strong values in building a strong cycle of tree care - from nurturing seedlings, training and connecting arborists to care for historical large trees dotted around the country, creating youth engagement activities to build family bonds while growing the love for trees and leading reforestation programs for indigenous trees in different regions of Thailand.

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Featured as one of Asia’s most innovative social enterprises, we look forward to serving you the fresh and curated experiences while scaling social impact globally.

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