A Set of TF98 Respirators (10 Pieces)
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GiveCard Includes

• A set of Limited Edition Respirators:

• 10 TF98 respirators

• 5 reusable head clips (head clips can be reused for all respirators with ear straps.​)

• Infographic: Protecting yourself and people you love

• Infographic: How to correctly use and clean your respirators

• Shipping Included

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Socialgiver and Zero Covid Thailand have selected this high-quality 3D style TF98 masks for its excellent filtration efficacy, breathability, and best face fit to help provide everyone with the best protection against COVID-19.


These respirators have been tested and verified to ensure the quality matches the best standards. We have also chosen to support and empower local factories to provide low cost, top quality respirators at scale. Our respirators are THAI FDA Approved 65-1-3-2-0000160 (Manufactured by Tawat Machine Tech Limited Partnership) and 64-1-3-2-0000744 (Manufactured by S.J. Equipment And Care Company Limited).


To end the spread of COVID-19, we need to promote the correct use of quality respirators, which are available in Thailand at affordable prices. Therefore, we have chosen to procure such crucial devices and give them away to the people of Thailand who care about the safety of their lives, their loved ones and the environment.


We encourage everyone to regularly wear tightly-fit respirators and take proper care of the respirators. Each has up to 40 hours of use. They can be kept clean by air-drying in the sun.


Why we prefer TF98s with head clips?


• Filtering Facepiece Respirators (respirators) are considered respiratory protective devices as they are designed to provide certain filtration efficiency levels to help reduce wearer exposure to aerosol and pathogenic particles. Qualified TF98s must filter at least 94% of airborne particles.


• TF98 respirators designed with a 3D aesthetic can give wearers a trendy look while also fitting better with Thai face shapes in general. They can be easily used by adults and children.


• The head clips provided in the pack boost both comfort and fitness for the wearer of the respirator. The head clips reduce strain on your ears, and doubles the fit factor, helping to reduce air leakage between the mask and skin. This makes it much safer than loose fitting masks. The head clips are also very easy to clip and remove when needed.


• With proper care, each of the respirators can be used for up to 40 hours which makes it more cost-effective and reduces our impact on the environment. The reduced shipping process from local production also helps reduce its carbon footprint.


**Respirators will be delivered by Thailand Post within 10 days.

Additional Details

Operating hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 18:00


• We are happy to give away ONE FREE SET (10 respirators) to everyone (Limit 1 per person).

• Get (Adult) respirators & Donate 100THB to support this project (Limit 10 per person).

• Get (Kids size for ages 7-14) respirators & Donate 100THB to support this project (Limit 10 per person).

• Anyone attempting to claim more than one free set will not receive any, and will be banned from all future giveaways.

• If you wish to receive an extra set for friends/family, please consider donating 100 THB per set to support this project.

• Delivery begins on 21st June 2022.

• Respirators will be delivered by Thailand Post within 10 days.

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